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CBO Systems Inc.

Manufacturing Data Collection

CBO Systems Inc. supplies, assembles, and services the Southern Ontario automation industry’s highest grade laser manufacturing data collection machines. Our company has over 25 years of experience, so you can be certain that we can help you overcome all of your industrial process challenges. No matter your specific application, our highly skilled engineers will provide you enduring results with USB, BLE enabled, web based, and wireless sensor manufacturing data collection machines. An integral risk management tool for any industrial organization, our part traceability systems manage quality, liability, and cost savings. From programmable logic controllers to human machine interfaces, machine vision, and medical marijuana PLCs, all of our controls systems will improve your productivity. To safeguard your industrial workplace, our laser marker enclosures are available in tabletop, stand alone, and custom design styles. Our superior grade inspection equipment effectively maintains manufacturing processes without compromising quality. Please visit the following links to further explore our large inventory of automation equipment:

Manufacturing Data Collection

Available in a wide range of styles including USB, BLE enabled, web based, and wireless sensor, our manufacturing data collection machines offer many benefits and features to Southern Ontario industrial companies.

Part Traceability

Our part traceability systems help to optimize production processes by determining the origin of product components and logging and tracking them as they move through production.


CBO Systems Inc.’s engineering team is capable of offering such dependable, state-of-the-art controls systems models as HMIs, PLCs, medical marijuana controls, and vision systems.


Our company’s vast inventory of tabletop, stand alone, and custom design laser marker enclosures are guaranteed to suit the specific needs of your one-of-a-kind industrial application.


With our inspection equipment’s high tech cameras, intelligent lighting design, user friendly interfaces, colour LCD monitors, and efficient operating speeds, industrial businesses can easily maintain their manufacturing processes.

In addition to what we keep on hand, we can custom design and install manufacturing data collection machines, controls systems, laser marker enclosures, inspection equipment, and part traceability systems, engineering it from start to finish to suit your specific purpose. Our company also tests and programs all of the automation products that we offer from such well known manufacturers as Opus Automation, Cognex, Omron, and more. Please visit our company page for a full listing of the industrial automation equipment producers that we have partnered with. Our products are ideal for use in such industrial settings as fabrication, pharmaceutical, agriculture, packaging, and many others. Fully guaranteed to meet your unique requirements, our manufacturing data collection machines, laser marker enclosures, inspection equipment, part traceability systems, and controls systems will provide the cost-effective solution you need. Feel free to contact us and discover just what CBO Systems Inc. can offer your Southern Ontario industrial business!

CBO Systems Inc.’s engineering department is fully equipped to help your company with all of its industrial automation needs. Please complete our contact form below and include your company name and a short description of your needs, and we will respond to you as soon as possible. You may also contact us at:

CBO Systems Inc.


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