CBO Systems Inc.

Part Traceability

Regulatory mandates force manufacturers to focus on compliance in today’s competitive global marketplace. To effectively manage cost savings, quality, and liability, and to avoid recalls and errors, Southern Ontario industrial companies rely on part traceability systems from CBO Systems Inc. Our part traceability systems help to optimize production processes by determining the origin of product components and logging and tracking them as they move through production using laser etched 2D data-matrix codes, an RFID tag-based system, or one-dimensional barcode labels. These components can then be linked back to their sources using certificates of origin, purchase order numbers, material certifications, serial numbers, and more.

An important risk management tool, our part traceability systems incorporate full component birth history across our customer’s supply chains. For a dependable and long-lasting part traceability solution, turn to the manufacturing data collection specialists at CBO Systems Inc. Contact us to learn more, and ask about how our company's manufacturing data collection machines, controls systems, laser marker enclosures, and inspection equipment can give your industrial operation a competitive edge.

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