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Manufacturing Data Collection

CBO Systems Inc.’s manufacturing data collection machines collect and store data in order to analyze specific trends or record the events of a process in the manufacturing industry. Our manufacturing data collection machines also allow for the tracking of interactions via which data is accessed, modified, or stored. This includes recent activity, usernames, data size, and more. Available in a wide range of styles including USB, BLE enabled, web based, and wireless sensor, our manufacturing data collection machines offer many benefits and features to Southern Ontario industrial companies:

  • Affordable
  • Easy setup & operation
  • Computer / USB interface communication
  • Compact, reusable, & portable
  • Ideal for hard to reach or limited access application areas
  • Transmits real-time data from dozens of points to a central computer or gateway
  • Monitors operational status, shares data files, and stores data in the cloud
  • Available in internal sensor (for on location use), and external sensor models (for remote use)
  • Optional data shuttle device for data offloading
  • Wireless measurement & transmission of data to such mobile devices as tablets or cel phones (range of more than 100 feet)
  • Can be configured with a variety of external plug-in sensors to transmit collected data to a secure web server
  • Remote, round-the-clock, internet-based access to data via cellular, WI-FI, or Ethernet communications

Contact us to discover for yourself how our manufacturing data collection machines will help your unique manufacturing applications and process. Ask our team of engineers about our company’s part traceability systems, laser marker enclosures, controls systems, and inspection equipment as well!

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