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Laser Marker Enclosures

Industrial businesses know the importance of identification when it comes to part traceability in the manufacturing process. That’s why companies operating in the automotive, aerospace, medical, electronic, and other Southern Ontario production markets depend on CBO Systems Inc. for high quality laser marker enclosures. Our laser marker enclosure help companies stay in accordance with government and industrial regulations by permitting them to permanently apply dates, lot, part, and serial numbers, data matrix and bar codes, diagrams, logos, and more. Our laser marker enclosures are suitable for a variety of materials, and include:

Custom design laser marker enclosures

CBO Systems Inc. delivers custom design laser marker enclosures for industrial applications that are unique to your organization. Our high speed custom design enclosures fully comply with PHSR and CSA standards, come with a dependable PLC rating, can be easily adapted to suit your desired footprint, and will meet your required cycle times. Featuring sturdy support frames, covered gaps, viewing windows, high-grade safety glass, and much more, our custom design laser marker enclosures provide added safety and security in the most challenging of industrial environments. With manual or automatic controls and laser safety doors, our modular wall custom design enclosures are easy to setup and operate, and are available with optional robotic loading, orientation, and grading.

Tabletop laser marker enclosures

By fully enveloping your tabletop laser marking system with a 20” x 20” x 20” working envelope, our tabletop laser marker enclosures protect operators from common hazards like eye damage, radiation injuries, and severe burns. Available in 115VAC/60Hz, our PLC controlled tabletop enclosures feature fume extraction units, safety interlock doors, laser safe viewports, single push button operation, and more.

Stand alone laser marker enclosures

Designed to endure harsh industrial processes, our rugged stand alone laser marker enclosures feature safety door interlocks, optional tower computers, air conditioning, fabricated metal design, and more. User friendly, our 115vac/60hz stand alone enclosures can be adapted for use with other industrial requirements like gantry and robot tending. For distinct laser marks that meet the laser parameters of the position and geometry of your parts or finished products, our stand alone laser marker enclosures can be partnered with our integrated vision systems.

Our company's vast inventory of tabletop, stand alone, and custom design laser marker enclosures are guaranteed to suit the specific needs of your one-of-a-kind industrial application. All of our enclosures can be assembled by our automation equipment engineers. Contact us to explore our many styles of professional laser marker enclosures, and feel free to inquire about our other capabilities that include manufacturing data collection machines, part traceability systems, inspection equipment, and controls systems.

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