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Our company has over 25 years of experience selling, designing, assembling, programming, and testing controls systems for a range of industrial businesses including those who operate in Southern Ontario’s manufacturing, chemical, and packaging sectors. We deliver fully automated controls solutions that are affordable and provide optimal reliability. CBO Systems Inc.’s engineering team is capable of offering such dependable, state-of-the-art controls systems models as HMIs, PLCs, medical marijuana controls, and vision systems:


In order for our clients to interact with their programmable logic controllers (PLCs) in real time, CBO Systems Inc. offers human machine interfaces (HMIs). Our modern HMIs are suitable for almost any industrial process, and can easily be added to existing hardware. Featuring capacitive switches, large touchscreen panels, and displays with text-readout and keypads that are easy to use, our HMIs accurately monitor production and promote comfort, safety, and functionality with industrial facilities across Southern Ontario. Our skilled automation controls engineering team can also train you and your staff in the effective use of our human machine interfaces.


Our user friendly programmable logic controllers (PLCs) are an ideal choice for industrial processes that require high reliability control and fault diagnosis. Available in AC or DC voltage, and rack, modular, or compact styles, our automated PLCs permit our customers to replicate or change their industrial processes all while relaying and gathering critical information. Compatible with most industrial software and networks, our PLCs can be assembled by our professional controls engineers for local or remote use, feature large memories, and are capable of operating in the harshest of industrial environments. We are also fully equipped to upgrade, refit, and program existing PLC systems.

Medical marijuana controls

Compatible with most medical marijuana grow room networks and software, our fully integrated medical marijuana controls systems are as easy to program as they are to use. Custom designed to meet your exact requirements, our rack, compact, and modular style medical marijuana controls systems are available in AC or DC voltage, and offer:

  • Fast operating abilities
  • Large memories
  • Remote or local installation capabilities
  • Ability to monitor, track, log, adjust, & control HVAC, humidity, lighting, electrical, plumbing, & generators
  • Prevention of problems associated with mold and pests

Allow our company to help you grow and maintain vibrant and healthy medical marijuana crops with the help of our medical marijuana controls systems, as well as our upgrade, refitting, and programming services.

Vision systems

Our company provides a variety of machine vision systems that will operate in even the most demanding of Southern Ontario industrial environments. Our image-based machine vision systems are suitable for applications that require:

  • Error proofing
  • Part mark verification and grading
  • Process control
  • Robot guidance
  • Quality and code presence verification
  • Component analysis
  • Part feature presence / absence monitoring
  • And more

Featuring high-grade resolution and sensitivity, our machine vision systems incorporate 2D vision cameras, 3D vision displacement sensors, and vision sensors. Our controls engineers can also custom design one or more machine vision systems for your one-of-a-kind needs.

All of our controls systems will improve your industrial process flexibility and productivity, and can be customized with the help of automation system industry experts Keyence and Opus Automation. Contact us to inquire about our PLCs, HMIs, vision systems, and medical marijuana controls, as well as our manufacturing data collection machines, laser marker enclosures, inspection equipment, and part traceability systems.

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